DIY Gallery Wall

I have been working on transforming some rooms in my house to create a more calming atmosphere. It seems strange to most people that I choose to have the downstairs “rec room” as my bedroom but honestly it doesn’t have windows so I can sleep whenever I need to! This room also has very low lighting (you can see the two wall lamps on the back wall that have the ability to dim). I’ve always hated the placement of the lights and especially the light switch. Who thought it was a good idea to put the dimmer switch in the centre of the wall?

The idea for a gallery wall came to me recently as a way to showcase some of my thrifted bowls as they had been sitting in a box in storage for quite some time. I finally found a use for this package of round mirrors my mom had found at a yard sale. Wouldn’t you know it, when all was said and done, my least favourite wall feature (the light switch) is now cleverly disguised!

When you’re thinking about doing a feature wall like this one, the best suggestion I have is to walk through the miscellaneous kitchen and decor section of the thrift store. When people are changing up their decor or receive items like these fruit bowls as gifts and they feel like they are just clutter – you can hang them on the wall for such a beautiful effect.

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