DIY Metal Wall Art

In December I started redecorating my living room (again!) around the same time that I began my substantial kitchen/dining room renovation. There’s no greater feeling than refreshing your living space for a new year don’t you think? While half the main floor is in demo mode, the living room side now has new punches of gold and silver!

Yes the new colour palette was inspired by my festive decorations but also looking at what I could add to my existing setup that wouldn’t be a drastic change. Adding gold and silver details is subtle but chic. Unfortunately these colours no longer suited the artwork that was hanging above the couch. While searching through Wayfair looking for ideas, I found myself being drawn to very large scale metal art pieces. Naturally such things come with a substantial price tag that I just wasn’t willing to pay.

Then suddenly as I was walking through Talize I happened to see some decorative bowls, potentially for a coffee table or holding fruit in the kitchen. It occurred to me there is no reason why I couldn’t fake it!

Over a few weeks and about 3 trips to the thrift store, I discovered a wide variety of mirrors, metal art pieces and decorative bowls that I could use for my project. Most of the pieces I found were black metal which doesn’t really suit my decor. I popped into Michaels and picked up a small can of both silver and gold spray paint and within seconds I had the right colour to match.

One of the unique items I found inspiration from was a two tiered dessert tray with silver cutout designs (see the second from the left) that were lightly screwed together. Once taken apart, these plates were light enough to attach to the wall with push pins – other items like the fruit bowls were much more substantial in weight and required a nail to be secure. I also found a metal bowl with tiny leaves (see largest piece to the right) and was able to flatten it completely due to the metal being so soft. Bonus!

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