Jar Lid Pumpkins

As my mother and I were on our usual Sunday thrifting adventure we started noticing a lot of jars and mixed “goodie bags” of lids. We both thought there must be a pinterest idea for a craft, something that could be made from all these discarded tin lids. As luck would have it, my mom had saved a magazine clipping from many moons ago creating festive pumpkins!  

What you need:

  • Old mason jar lids (18 works best)
  • Cord or string
  • Flexible decorative wire
  • Small piece of tree branch
  • Spray paint (optional if you wish to colour them)

Step 1: Tie Lids Together

This project is tricky to do with only one set of hands but it is do-able. Individually feed each lid (facing the same direction) onto the cord or string. Wire is not flexible enough and doesn’t work well. Make a loose knot holding the lids together, they should overlap each other in order. 

Step 2: Insert Branch or Twig

While holding your loose cord knot in one hand, slide the piece of branch as your stem into the centre of the lids. Pull the knot a little tighter as you adjust each individual lid to be equally space around the twig. Once they are roughly in place, finish tightening the knot.

Step 3: Add Wire Spirals

Using flexible craft wire create little spiral vines for your pumpkin. You can wrap by hand or around a pencil or marker. Wrap it once or twice around your stem and tuck downward out of sight.

Create More!

I also tried this project with a bag of silver and gold tinted mason jar lids that I found at Talize in the miscellaneous grab bag section (next to the housewares). You can also spray paint or apply craft tape to change the look of the rings. 


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