Fashion Myths BUSTED!

You’ve heard it time and time again, these myths that we all know that hopefully we don’t all follow! I’ve compiled a few different versions of this so-called “list” along with my two cents!

How Stuff Works’ List
  • Never Wear Black with Blue
  • You Can’t Wear Gold and Silver Together
  • Horizontal Stripes Will Make You Look Heavy
  • Tall Women Shouldn’t Wear High Heels
  • Never Mix and Match Prints
  • Sequins and Sparkle are for Eveningwear Only
  • Short Women Should Never Wear Long Dresses
  • Never Wear More than One Bold Color
  • Always Match Your Shoes With Your Belt, or Your Purse
  • Never Wear White After Labor Day

I’ve heard my grandmother say you can’t wear brown and black together, now it has changed to navy? Gold and silver can totally be worn together I do it all the time. Horizontal stripes do not make you look big or small, its the cut of the top or dress! Mix and matching prints is totally trending, so that’s just silly. Sequins are life! I personally wear bold on bold because it empowers me and labour day is just another day of the week.

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Cosmopolitan’s List
  • Certain clothes only look good if you are tall and skinny.
  • Larger prints work for larger woman and smaller prints work for smaller women.
  • You get what you pay for.
  • Glasses are not sexy.
  • You should overspend on your wedding dress.
  • You should center your outfit around a single statement piece.
  • If you want to create a womanly silhouette, you have to cinch in your waist.
  • You should invest in timeless classics, not trends.
  • You should only show skin on top or bottom. Showing skin in both places looks trashy.
  • High heels are more sophisticated than flats.

I’m guilty of saying I’m too short or the wrong build for things, that’s not a concrete truth just a personal preference. You get what you pay for? Thrift! Hell yeah I do! Glasses are so sexy. I do not understand why someone spends thousands on a gawdy dress they will only wear once then spill red wine all over. I’ve seen plenty of womanly looks with a box dress showing zero waist. Is anything really timeless these days?

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Her World’s List
  • You can’t wear double denim
  • You have nothing to wear
  • Newer means better
  • You can’t wear socks with sandals
  • Short girls can’t wear maxi skirts

I wouldn’t wear double denim, doesn’t mean it can’t be pulled off. I never have anything to wear! 😉 Newer doesn’t mean a thing. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing socks and sandals, but I still see it all the time for comfort usually. I rarely wear maxi dresses and skirts because I am not very tall and many times they over power – that isn’t to say they all do, I just prefer the look of legs vs no legs.

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Simplicity Relished List
  • Everyone needs a good pair of jeans
  • Your physical appearance dictates (limits) what you can wear
  • Some colours are in; others are out
  • Your wardrobe has to fit within a style theme
  • Clothing is the first thing someone notices about you
  • You need more fashion advice

I know a handful of women that never, ever wear jeans for a variety of reasons but mainly lack of comfort and fit. I’m a slave to thinking I can’t wear things because of my appearance, for example, I wouldn’t die my hair black or red as I feel like it would conflict with my wardrobe. All colours are in, all the time! My wardrobe has no theme haha! Clothing is absolutely the first thing I notice about someone. We could all use less fashion advice! The amount of “friends” I’ve listened to completely humiliate the one trying on clothes is quite sad. She loves it, let her love it and own it.

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InStyle’s List
  • No minis on women over 35.
  • Showing skin isn’t sophisticated.
  • Avoid clashing colors (red pink)
  • Don’t wear light shoes with dark stockings.
  • Leather dresses are only for biker chicks.
  • Belts and baby bumps don’t mix.

There are some looks you’d expect on a younger woman that isn’t to say an older woman can’t pull it off – I think its more a personal preference and comfort concern as you get older. Depending on what skin is exposed, a look can be stunning or in my opinion, trashy. I actually don’t believe leather dresses are flattering in the first place on anyone, jackets and sometimes simple skirts perhaps.

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