From Dress to Kimono

Two years ago I was offered an opportunity to review some items from Eva Trends which was a great experience but the items I picked did not suit me as I had hoped – we’ve all been there! I have always liked the print of this dress but honestly, I don’t do well with shapeless dresses and it has taken me a very long time to finally realize it.

I had this dress in a collection of items to sell online but I’m so drawn to it I spent some time just staring at it this morning thinking it through. Do you ever do that? Take the time to think of every possible way of styling, potentially altering or changing it to suit you better?

It suddenly dawned on me that there is one seam all the way down the back of the dress and one solid piece around the front. I used this seam as a starting point to cut a single line straight down. I folded the edges over and stitched straight down to make a small finished hem on both sides.

If I wasn’t doing this last minute before work in the morning I may have chosen to measure and line it up differently, however I think it turned out quite nice! I have often said because I don’t know the “rules” of sewing, I am free to alter items and take a chance on creating something beautiful that is better suited to my needs.


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