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“One of my favourite things about Twice New by WINS is the fact that we’ve been able to bring in some incredibly talented volunteers and influencers to help us curate stylish thrift boxes,” says Karen Ramchuk, Executive Director of WINS. “It’s not like we are just throwing random clothing into a box and mailing it, we want our customers to love the looks they receive and feel good knowing they are supporting our organization and clients.”

The pandemic took 2020 by storm and quite honestly I never imagined my entire lifestyle would be abruptly halted to the extent that it was. Pre-quarantine I was visiting the thrift shops once a week, spending hours sifting through racks and seeing what treasures could be found. Now like many of us, I do worry about shopping again and while I am very careful, I try to be in and out of a store in a limited amount of time. As you know, this doesn’t always work with thrift! 

I recently heard out about a new service launched in early July 2020, called Twice New by WINS, a national online thrift service that offers individually curated boxes full of stylish items shipped directly to Canadian customers. They currently offer four box categories – Get to Work, Jeans &, Date Night and Casual Friday. Their online ordering system is very simple, simply choose what category you would like and select a size (from Extra Small to Plus!) While I couldn’t decide which one I should choose I finally decided on Date Night as the description offered more of the styles I would be searching for such as rompers, dresses, skirts and tops.

How it Works

  • Boxes are available in four categories (Jeans &, Get to Work, Date Night and Casual Friday) and sizes XS to Plus.
  • Each box contains between two to six items, depending on their retail value, to create a complete look (excluding shoes).
  • This thrift service is part of Calgary’s WINS social enterprise charity, so revenues fund the charity’s essential services and resources for vulnerable women.
  • Shopping Twice New by WINS gives back to those in need, protects the environment, conserves resources used in the fast fashion industry and is economical. 

My Experience

First Thoughts

First of all I love the simplicity of the packaging – I am all about the natural elements! I was impressed by each item they look to be in perfect condition and true to size. I also am very relieved that the items are stretchy so the fit is flexible. Next time I will order my proper size (Medium) and see how the fit varies. 

White Lace Top

You know how I love my sequins and gold! This beautiful top by ONYX Nite (retails for $60) is the perfect combination of both. I even love how its asymmetrical and flowy. Perfect for all manner of occasions! 

Floral Blouse

Talk about versatility, this bell-sleeved blouse by Spense (retails for $78) is such an easy top for work or a nice evening out. It’s cute tucked in or flowy over dress pants.


Jeans are always a gamble but I’m thrilled about how great these feel! Just a touch too big in the waist but I can fix that no problem. Soft and stretchy, these jeans by ONLY retail for $65-80.

Strapless Dress

RW&Co is known for its simple yet classic styles such as this beautiful plum purple formal dress. Regular retail $30-80. Perfect for a formal dinner or a wedding!

Asymmetrical Dress

The jackpot item in today’s box, a beautiful asymmetrical dress by Peloci (regular retail $200+) is a show stopper for sure! While it was very confusing to figure out in the beginning – its definitely my favourite look. Dress it up or down and feels like you’re wearing pajamas!!

For more information about Twice New and WINS please check out or


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