Half Price Day in Ottawa

As you know, Value Village over the years has moved lower and lower on my list of places I enjoy thrifting at. Unfortunately they have ultimately taken over the market in most places. However the silver lining is I have realized that its primarily Kingston’s Value Village that has exorbitant price schemes compared to the locations in Ottawa that I still enjoy. I have a new rule for myself only to shop at Value Village on half price days AND only shopping in cities other than Kingston on these days.

This dress has a back story! I attended an Eco-Fashion Runway Show in Kingston two weeks ago which was just phenomenal. At this show I noticed a woman standing behind me wearing an absolutely amazing geometric print dress. I whispered to my friend: “I must have that dress!” Little did I realize, it was Nine West, a recent favourite brand of mine that fits me well. I popped into Value Village in Kingston not on the half price day, but the following day to exchange items that didn’t fit from my tour around Ottawa on the weekend. Wouldn’t you know it, hanging in the rack untouched with a $29.99 price tag (I would normally have passed it by at that price) I couldn’t believe my eyes. My size too! So this bad boy was mine after exchanging a bag of things that didn’t work plus $5. Yes I paid the price tag in the end, but who cares I had to have it!

This was one of my last and most expensive purchases on this particular sale day. I love plum, dark burgandy and rich purple tones, not to mention long sleeves! Lately I’ve been finding sleeves so flattering! I picked this one up not only the colour but the soft silk fabric as well that goes around the entire dress. Don’t you hate it when a dress is only nice in the front then another cheap fabric in the back? Drives me nuts. This beauty doesn’t fit perfectly by any stretch but with a few stitches or a belt, it’ll be a really nice early fall dress for work!

If you’re wondering, no I didn’t keep this dress. I picked it up because its a Free People and the price was right. Honestly you never know until you try it on. This one however, doesn’t do anything for my body shape but it was all the nice embroidery detailing that I was drawn to. I often find these dresses and wonder why they had to make the slip dress a whole 12 inches shorter than the overlay? In my case my bum was just about hanging out that’s how ridiculously short it was! Naturally my boyfriend said it was really pretty – I however, felt very uncomfortable. So that means… off with its head!

I also picked up a few tops for after work attire which I seem to be lacking greatly recently. I ended up with a bag full of plain white and grey tees both short and long sleeved; a 3/4 sleeve grey hoodie; black graphic tee of sci-fi tv shows; black graphic tee “‘Trust me you can dance’ – Vodka”; long sleeve knit & pleather jacket; long sleeved print blouse by Part Two. In addition to all these random items I found two pairs of flats, simple slip ons that I could wear at home or work. A soft blush pink sparkle pair by Aerosoles and patterned Tom’s.

If you cannot view the video above, please check it out on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/017uT1R1x_k


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