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Decorating for the Holidays

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It seems like more and more each year that passes I find less interest in decorating for the holidays. I haven’t quite sorted out exactly why as I like the decorations, I like seeing the little lights glowing at night and my tiny disco balls sparkling off the walls… I find myself taking off on holiday to Cuba to get a break from it all and recharge my batteries, rather than being at home by myself looking at my decorations. I realize some people decorate in early November, some even October! And then leave their decorations up until Valentine’s day. For me it actually starts causing me anxiety to have the “clutter” and at times claustrophobic nick knacks all over my living room.

Yes its pretty, but its just for me. There is something lonely and sad about holidays when you’ve been single for this long, perhaps its not having children or a husband to share it with that makes me less interested. People say I should decorate for myself, and this year I did, but I wasn’t crazy about it. I didn’t even bother to setup my little Christmas trees. Instead I opted for a more simple display featuring clusters of silver and green balls, crackle glass orbs and a few pine cones I picked up this fall.

I had a few people asking to see my holiday home tour, to be honest that’s probably the only reason I really decorated at all. I’m no Grinch but I didn’t feel the holiday sparkle this year. Maybe its the -30 degree cold and 3 feet of snow. The snow is pretty when you’re inside, but that’s about it!

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