How to Style Blanket Scarves!

One of my absolute favourite accessories for our Canadian winters is the blanket scarf. It really is such a versatile piece to add to your wardrobe, not only can it be used to keep you warm but it can also be a throw blanket for your living room couch!

Blanket scarves can run upwards of $25 in big box stores but you can also find them thrifting! I found several of these plaid ones recently at Talize in Kingston.

TIP: Look for them at the ends of clothing racks, at the ends of the scarf section or even the bedding area. They are so big they are often tucked in behind or hanging folded on a pant hanger!

Here are my top 4 ways that I like to style my blanket scarves:

Loose Neck Wrap

This is the one I wear the most as it offers a lot of coverage and keeps my neck and shoulders warm. Fold the scarf in half creating a large triangle, then wrap once around your neck. Loosen as required.

Shawl With Loose Knot

This is an easy option if your arms are cold! Fold the scarf in half creating a large triangle, let it slip to the edge of your shoulders then make one loose knot in the front.

Modern Shawl

If you find scarves too bulky and clastrophobic around your neck, the modern shawl is a great option. The same as the shawl with a loose knot, except you can twist it (for less bulk) and leave it resting just above your elbows.

Wrap it Up

Similar to the loose neck wrap, but this offers complete coverage and acts more like a jacket or cardigan. Wrap the open blanket scarf around your back, longer on one side than the other. Take the shorter side and drape it across your chest and pin at the shoulder. This is a great option for accessorizing with decorative pins and brooches!

Here are a few examples of how I have styled scarves in the past. I also add extender chains to my long necklaces so I can wear them both together! The possibilities are endless!

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