Closet Declutter Inspired by KonMari

I’ve been hearing over and over about a new show on Netflix featuring Marie Kondo, the organization and declutter expert but I will admit, I have yet to watch it. Part of me is afraid to watch it, for fear of the desire to flip my entire house and “cleanse”! Thrift stores and consignment shops are being bombarded from coast to coast with donations, everyone is wanting to get rid of the excess. I attempted it two weeks ago and even now I’m still not totally set on my decision. I really wanted to try her technique of dumping all clothing in the house onto the bed, which is great because you can visually see what you have. To say its overwhelming is an understatement. I managed to put together several bags of donations and two that are worthy of trying to sell. But even looking at those massive bags and looking at the garment rack – I feel unresolved.

Its the strangest thing, this feeling of attachment. I have never been one to cling to materialistic things. I’ve done countless closet purges in my day but this one was different. I was looking at the pre-styled outfits and thinking, “I need this for work”, “I need to keep this it goes with that __”… Then I looked back at the footage of this “challenge” and I still don’t feel I was brutal enough. Sure I filled lots of bags, but I still don’t feel that my closet is just right. Ever look at your closet and think: bleh?

Naturally this feeling is temporary, we all go through phases where we feel that our clothing seems boring, unimaginative and that it just hangs there lifelessly in our closet. Even for me with a closet that is literally bursting with prints, patterns and colour! This is when we need to remember that clearing out takes time and it won’t happen in one day, it won’t happen over night and you are in full control of how fast or slow it goes. You don’t want to run into problems where you throw out things that you forget are crucial – such as slips that you wear under a lot of see-through dresses… or the solid colour tank tops that you wear under almost every blouse. These items can seem small and insignificant, but they are items you forget you rely on.

The last thing we want is to be frustrated and stressed because we’ve removed items we actually needed. Of course you could go and replenish but if you already have one that works, maybe pull that back out of the bag. The bottom line is, remember the “wow” factor. If you put it back in the closet and a week later still have no desire to wear it – no matter what the excuse (too hot, too cold, too dark, too exciting) thats still a “no” and you aren’t going to wear it even if the conditions are perfect.

I like to think of this declutter as step one. Step two to be determined.

If you cannot view the video please check it out on YouTube:


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