Lockdown Closet Shopping

Once again this year, Ontario appears to be in a never-ending state of lockdown that I’m really exhausted hearing about. I have been spending my personal time outside gardening, hiking and now kayaking when the sun comes out. Ultimately I haven’t thrifted for a long time as the stores are still closed and online for me is more negative than positive as I need to be able to return things. I never imagined our city would ever be “locked down” but its interesting to reflect on how it has brought attention to the things I regularly do for entertainment. I will be frank, I have zero interest in the current styles available everywhere online. I don’t want my midriff showing, skin tight everything… give me the bright bold colours and flowing dresses!

I find myself frustrated with my closet as per every year… my tastes are always evolving which is why a thrifted wardrobe works best for me. People always say “Wow I never see you in the same outfit twice!” usually because I didn’t feel happy in it so I tossed it into the back of the closet for another time OR I’ve sold it on Facebook Marketplace. I want to feel great in my clothes and as my body changes, as my lifestyle changes – I think my clothes reflect that most.

This outfit was really fun and unplanned! I was looking for inspiration by scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw this skirt that I had stitched up last summer – the fullness was a bit overwhelming so I made a gathered slit at the side. The frilly overlay jumped out me and I thought hey! that’ll work! I love to be more on the dressy side than casual – this look just completely captured everything that I love in an outfit. Its simple but bold! Also… can we please bring back statement necklaces?!

This beauty is a plus size from Talize last year. I don’t care that its oversized it’s fun, its unique and I am just living for that colour yellow! With lockdown never-ending, I will never take a 50% sale for granted ever again! 

The issue with me loving oversized clothing is that its incredibly hard to find purchasing online as every company will say a sweater is “oversized” and it will be too short or tight on me despite buying an extra large.

This dress! While it makes pretty much everyone BUT me uncomfortable I absolutely love it. I spent a few evenings scrolling through endless websites looking for the same style – its available on a bunch of garbage websites for $50+ and I just can’t justify the cost. With thrifting prices I’m able to experiment and make items work for me by altering them as needed. When I’m spending $50 on one item I become a lot more particular and it has to be a perfect fit. I find clothing never fits right off the rack.

Another plus size gem found on the same day as the beautiful yellow number. This romper is still a work in progress, each time I wear it to work I alter it a little bit more. I added fringe to the bottom the last time I wore it because I find rompers always awkwardly short. This way I feel more modest – the tank top underneath provides better coverage too. I often like the idea of rompers but hate wearing them – they just aren’t for me… I prefer dresses.

A tried and true designer dress that fits perfectly. I’ve had this dress for years and years! Its a Quebec designer, Lucian Matis. Absolutely brilliant and fits my curves like no other dress – and it feels like pajamas! I have often looked for another print but wouldn’t you know it, I found the exact same dress twice thrifting! I think its good to keep photos of your favourite looks for on days when you hate everything (we all have them!). This one I feel exudes confidence!


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