Modern Business Wear

businesswear2My least favourite term is “business casual” as really this could mean a lot of things to different people. For me the typical dress pant, fitted solid colour shirt and blazer makes for one heck of a boring outfit. So I’d like to show you my twist on the business look!

My philosophy is, if you have the basics – all you need is a variety of beautiful blouses! A simple long sleeve black blazer that fits to a “t” should be a staple in your wardrobe. For me, I go for a skinny leg dark black jegging instead of a wider leg dress pant based on my shape. It creates a more flattering look for my wide hips and bum if I go narrow toward my ankle.

businesswear1For me the easiest way to “business” up an outfit is the heels! A pointed toe, classic black makes the whole look pop. Adding tasteful jewellery for that extra hint of sparkle doesn’t hurt either.

These two blouses are a longer cut, they cut across the bum for a more flattering look (as opposed to stopping at the waist or longer for a tunic). Both long sleeved, which is also fun for a 3/4 sleeve blazer.



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