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Zaful invited me to give their products a try, so here it is my completely honest “real girl” review and try on session featuring four dresses I picked out to try. These are the four dresses I tried…

Short Sleeve Floral Midi Dress
I snatched up this green floral for $15 in a size 2 XL. Its a soft tshirt style fabric, very stretchy and hugs curves in a smooth flattering way. There were no reviews on this one and no model photograph to compare to, but that’s why I wanted to try it! Lately I’ve been honing my style to what flatters my hourglass figure and this looked like it would be idea, provided it fits! It ended up fitting, but I could have gone at least a size smaller for the idea fit as it has so much stretch!
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Ruffle Layered Striped Cold Shoulder Dress
This dress was on sale for $20, I chose a size 2 XL (website states a USA 12 is the equivalent size). This isn’t like anything I’ve ever worn but I thought I would pick it out just to see what it would look like on my figure. Unfortunately even the largest size didn’t fit my curvy size 8-10 shape in the arms. The waist was perfect, but I’ve been known to have a very small one, so on most women this would be snug and unforgiving. I ended up chopping the sleeves off (which is sad because that’s what I liked most!) so that I could wear it comfortably to work.
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Low Cut Floral Mermaid Dress
This dress was by far my favourite as its so comfortable and unique! It was on sale for $19, I chose an XL (website states US 10 is the equivalent size) which was great except for much too big in the top, however I was able to sew it down to fit. The sleeves were a nice touch and it honestly feels like pajamas!
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Floral Print Long Sleeve Belted Maxi Dress
I think this is one of their most popular dresses, all the reviews had fantastic photos so I thought I should give it a try. This one was $25, I picked out an XL (website states US 10 is the equivalent size) and it is true to US size luckily! The sleeves are always a hard fit for me but these ones were excellent, I was so thrilled! When I wear it I swapped out the fabric sash that came with it and opted for a warm brown belt instead.
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