New Home Gym

Change is Good.

While I don’t have the option of working from home for my administrative job, I was resorting to the outdoors for fitness while the gyms were closed. Now they have reopened but I’m still lacking the drive to go. When I’m at home I just seem to find other things I’d rather be doing. Until this past weekend that was my attitude, then I was inspired when a friend said she made herself a home gym that she really enjoyed being in… how it made a huge difference.

Discipline is doing something when you have no desire to, but you do it anyway.

Create a positive space.

I saw this quote on IG yesterday and it really resonated! If the space is there and ready to go, its positive and welcoming – not intimidating in any way. No excuses, no reason to feel awkward or embarrassed. I’m surrounded by bright colours (my favourite!) and my favourite paintings. 

The Equipment

Now neither my bike nor the trainer are thrifted, some things you have to spend the money. We have long winters in Ontario and while the weather is fine for hiking, I don’t have the means to bike in the snow… so I invested in this stationary trainer that allows me to pedal inside. Sadly I haven’t found a tracking app that works with stationary bikes. I’ve got the tv setup so I can watch old VHS tapes while I bike!


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