Post-Isolation Style

Like many of you I’ve spent the past two months at home due to the mass spread of COVID-19. What a surreal experience. Its still hard to process. Everything that has happened goes against nature for us, we are social beings. I didn’t realize how much so until now to be honest. Usually I thrive when I’m alone, I have endless interests and hobbies to occupy my time. But when forced? That’s another ballgame… who knew!

Its the end of May and my office would like to get things back to normal, whatever that new normal may be. Having been at home, like many of you, my wardrobe became pajamas (on those days you had no energy and could only bring yourself to binge-watch Netflix) or athletic wear.

Despite increasing my fitness (I’ve started cycling regularly and doing a ton of gardening) I gained weight. From what I hear, I’m not alone. You either powered through and lost weight or you struggled and yo-yo’d into a bigger size. All these things you suddenly realize when you return to “real life” and have to put your typical work clothing on.

Not to fret, conveniently leggings have saved many of us the stress of trying to fit into dress pants and spandex gives us that little extra room in our dresses. While the weight is coming off once again, I find myself resorting to layered looks that distract from those problem areas (that only we notice!).

Anytime I do a closet clear-out I typically say to get rid of things that don’t fit you or that was several sizes ago. However some items that might be just a bit snug or just a touch too big, these items are fine to keep “just in case”. Post-isolation would be one of those cases. Once you are back in some form of regular routine, your body will change again.

As I sit at a desk all day leggings and less fitted dresses are my saving grace. I don’t want anything snug (especially since I’m walking out in the hot sun during my lunch hour!) I have also gone through each item of clothing in my closet and put together a variety of all new looks to make it feel fresh and exciting. So far, its working out great.

The key is not to feel disheartened, the weight will disappear just as it had before. I have to tell myself this whenever I try on a dress that just seems to cling everywhere. Girl you are cycling 4-5 times a week, walking daily and eating clean – don’t be too hard on yourself! But we can’t help it. We judge ourselves far worse than any outsider. These are strange times. We just need to practice calm, accept the changes with grace and keep pushing forward. Start again tomorrow.


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