Review: Secret Deluxe Gloss Pantyhose

I have always been a strong believe in thrifting things that are always pricey but not long lasting, fast fashion as it were. Pantyhose however is unique in that it has both a love and hate relationship with most women, its expensive and it doesn’t last long at all. I was packing for a night in the big city of Toronto only to realize that I had put runs in every single pair of pantyhose in my possession. That’s not hard of course, its almost a daily occurrence for me. My only option at 7:00am on a Saturday morning was to stop at Walmart and spend actual dollars on a new pair or two. The last time I bought a pair of $10 pantyhose from Walmart I put them on in the women’s bathroom, only to put my foot right through the fabric ultimately throwing them into the garbage on the way out.

This particular occasion however I chose a pair of Secret Deluxe Gloss pantyhose in size D. The only reason I chose D was because that’s all I found in the style I was looking for: control top, reinforced toe and nude skin tone. The gloss factor was just a perk! To be honest they have been the best pantyhose I’ve ever purchased lasting three full weeks. Now you’re probably thinking: wow that’s a rip off… but you may not have the daily experience that I do!

I wear dresses and skirts almost every day to the office, its a comfort and style decision. Pantyhose I wear all year long as I find it more comfortable, thighs don’t rub together, keeps all the flaws smooth and makes my legs look nicer. There are tons of reasons why I like them! This particular pair has by far out-lasted any other type I’ve found, except for the $60 dance tights I used to have but they’re way too heavy duty for what I was looking for. I was pleasantly surprised with these pantyhose, next time I would search for a size C as they were a tad big. However perhaps the extra fabric is the reason they didn’t get runs easily, I didn’t have to struggle to pull them up.

The gloss factor is my favourite part. These ones were a little darker tone with a gloss finish that made my legs look beautiful. If you’re in the market for such a garment, I highly recommend you check these out whether its for daily wear or to a special event.


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    1. I had tried a pair, not sure if it was the same brand – this is going back a few years that were quite nice. They are very similar to the ones by Secret, about 2 inches of lace with the no slip glue-like lines underneath. They held up with my daily office use, I didn’t need to pull them up frequently as I had expected.

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