Rompers, Good or Bad?

As a woman with a long torso and hour glass figure, rompers were one of those items I would skip over in the racks. Any time I’d be in the dresses or shorts and see a cute print, I’d instantly be disheartened when I realized it was shorts underneath. There is no way this is going to fit me… even worse, the almost guaranteed camel toe problem not to mention how long it would have to be on me to fit properly.

I run into the same problem with one piece bathing suits – they must have adjustable straps! When your body is not proportioned the way the standard model is you run into these unique issues. Its like petite women that find tops always too long or very tall women who can’t find pants long enough. Although this sizing issue can have its positive effects as well. I know several shorter women than are petite that wear capri as regular pants without needing to hem!

Rompers first appeared in the US in the early 1900’s, most commonly thought of as children’s clothing. To this day many people look at them as childish and not appropriate for adults! They sprung into the adult market targeted at women, frequently tube top style with mini shorts attached in the 70’s and 80’s. Much like everything else, every decade they resurface with a new style, adapting to the trends of the time.

My life-long disappointment with such a garment ended about 6 years ago when a mid calf length, strapless black romper was consigned at the store I worked at. It was simple, it was comfortable and above all – it fit perfectly to my surprise! It was so easy to wear and style, unfortunately it was short lived despite all this because of the bathroom dilemma.

The number one comment made by both men observing and women complaining, a trip to the bathroom is delayed as long as possible due to the awkward exposure one feels in a public restroom, holding up the garment so it doesn’t lay on the floor while being very exposed in an intimate environment! That awkwardness aside, they are such a unique look visually.

This year I have had a great deal of luck in finding rompers that fit my shape mostly due to adjustable or wrapable straps. The top to bottom ratio has to be just right. My favourite piece in my closet right now was a $10 gown like romper (100% of people that see it think its a dress) from Streetwear Society that I picked up on a half price day a yeaer or two ago. I found another one similar recently with beautiful long sleeves but unfortunately its too short in the body. I picked it up anyway in hopes of maybe creating a two piece or redesigning it as I love my other one so much!

This blue floral is on the more office-appropriate side of the romper trend. It has such a beautiful simplistic design that fits me perfectly. I would also mention this is a great example of why you shouldn’t stick to sections you think are your size. Depending on the company you can find plenty of great pieces in the “large” that fit more like a “medium” and vice versa. The amount of fantastic items I’ve found tucked into the plus section is unreal.


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