Spring Wardrobe

One of the magical things about the Earth is seasons. In Kingston, Ontario we have quite unpredictable weather patterns where we can have all 4 seasons in one day! Any time I’ve gone on holiday people will always laugh and say “You’re Canadian aren’t you? All you guys do is talk about the weather!” which is 100% true as its always changing. We suffer about 5 months of solid winter from November to March, with a month or so of spring (April, May) and suddenly summer heat with a vengeance (June through September). Finally we have maybe a few short weeks of fall, which is ultimately only a bit of October before the temperature drops and BOOM we are in winter again.

This also means that if we are basing our wardrobe on the pre-defined seasons a lot of our closet isn’t being utilized to its full potential. My way of thinking is not common. I do not believe in the rules of fashion such as not wearing white after labour day, bright colours are only for summer, dark palettes for winter. I never understood why people would go blond in the summer and brunette in the winter. I am an impulsive dresser and allow my emotions to decide what I wear. The only thing that clearly defines the season for me is how many layers my outfit will have to protect me from the elements. These are things like adding a cardigan or blazer over a sleeveless dress. Perhaps when the warmer temperatures arrive I’ll stop wearing slips and body shapers under my clothing for added warmth! Weather is harsh and unpredictable – so why would I let it tell me what to do?!

As Canadians, spring gives us this boost we have been waiting so long for with more sun, warmer temperatures and finally the stores are showing fun bright colourful displays! Although spring for us is still a rather ugly season – everything is grey, dirty, salty snow banks still too frozen to thaw, our cars are filthy… ultimately everything looks blah! I think the grey-ness of the season makes us even more excited to pull out the florals and pastels! That’s where I am at right now. I’m so done with winter, I survived, now its time for colour, colour and more colour!

Do you start wearing your spring and summer closet early just to give yourself a boost of energy?


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