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Like so many of us Canadians, I’ve spent the last few months drowning in that dark place we find ourselves in during the long winter. Even now that its technically “spring” I find so many of us are still grumpy, cranky and irritable from a lack of warmth and sunshine. Tomorrow is an impeding ice storm. All kinds of wonderful Canadian weather! To brighten my spirits I took some time to reorganize my wardrobe room, upgraded my lighting arrangement to take better photos with – scrapped the poor lamp lighting for industrial work lights!

I haven’t been thrifting as much as I had been throughout the winter, I found myself wanting a lighter closet, less furniture, less everything. I’m by no means a minimalist, but I wanted everything I owned to feel lighter, less dense. I’ve had several commenters on YouTube grumbling about how “claustrophobic” my house is, that they’d “hate to be the one that cleans”… All the haters aside, it was a decision I made on my own to feel more at ease when I’m at home. This is a constant struggle, wanting rooms to be the right “feng shui” setup – having only outfits that I love. Its all a continuous work in progress.

A few commenters on Instagram have recently asked if I ever wear the same thing twice. I do in fact! Its rare to see the same combination unless its a look that I’ve styled in the past and absolutely love – or that the pieces only work with each other and basically nothing else.

Here are a few looks I’ve styled recently that are not “new” that you may recognize, if not just select pieces that I’ve chosen to wear differently. Sometimes all it takes for me to fall back in love with an item is adding a different top, bottom or accessory to bring new life into it. Thrifting a new top, a necklace, a blazer – all adds to reviving pieces that were becoming stagnant.


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