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Thrifting in California

Last week I escaped to sunny Southern California for a one week getaway for both pleasure and to be one of my dear friend’s plus one at her sister’s wedding in Fallbrook. I went down a day early and stayed a day later to do some touring of San Diego on my own and naturally …

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Closet Declutter Inspired by KonMari

I’ve been hearing over and over about a new show on Netflix featuring Marie Kondo, the organization and declutter expert but I will admit, I have yet to watch it. Part of me is afraid to watch it, for fear of the desire to flip my entire house and “cleanse”! Thrift stores and consignment shops …

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10 Years of Trends I Didn’t Catch On To!

I have been thinking a lot about fashion trends lately and have been reflecting on my personal style. I had recently read an article about why its okay to not follow trends as they aren’t really suited to everyone. I’ve compiled a list of trends over the last decade that I didn’t really take to, …

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Half Price Day in Ottawa

As you know, Value Village over the years has moved lower and lower on my list of places I enjoy thrifting at. Unfortunately they have ultimately taken over the market in most places. However the silver lining is I have realized that its primarily Kingston’s Value Village that has exorbitant price schemes compared to the …

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Body Positivity

Let’s talk body positivity for a moment. Every day I’m subjected to body shaming remarks, customers exchanging “I don’t like it” remarks to one another, unwarranted opinions that deeply effect people. For me every day at work, I can vouch that skinny-shaming (or fat-shaming for that matter) is 100% an everyday occurrence. “Everything would look …

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