The Matters of Size

Daily Digs - Soft PinkYou’ve heard me say this a million times, but I’ll say it again: Size doesn’t matter.

Now we’re not talking about the never-ending debate between men and women as to whether they are adequate, below average or above so get your head out of the gutter! Think for a moment the clothing you currently have in your closet, think of all the bins you have in storage full of clothing and that nicely folded pile that hasn’t moved on that shelf since you moved in two years ago.

I imagine you have a Rubbermaid bin of seasonal wear, things you only need in extreme weather conditions or special occasion items such as that gorgeous dress you just had to have but haven’t had a single excuse to wear. That pile of jeans on the top shelf have been there a long while – none of which are the size you are now. There’s probably a small size, a few large sizes and a pair you always liked but never fit into… saving them all for a raining day when you might be one of those sizes. Better to have them just in case right?

Some people hang onto things because of sentimental value, dollar value or perhaps its the fear of changing sizes. I will admit on a side note that I’m not exempt from this because I too have one pair of jeans that I have not parted with. A pair of super skinny leg jeans that are a size 3, to remind myself of my true size. I, like most girls, was victim of believing I was overweight in high school. Not that having a boyfriend who told me I should lose a few pounds was very helpful. In looking back at a yearbook several years later I realized I was wearing size 3 jeans, no extra flab under my arms, no double chin – for lack of a better word – I was tiny. Now sitting beside me in that same photo was this (thank goodness!) ex that informed me of my inappropriate weight – could definitely afford to lose a few of his own. I was probably 110 pounds at most.

When I boarded the plane to Grande Prairie in April of 2008, I was wearing this particular pair of jeans that I called at the time “my sexy jeans”. You know the jeans I mean.

“I am in my skinny jeans. I haven’t fit into these since 1985 and that is only because I had mono.” – Miranda Hobbes, Sex & The City

I recall I was wearing a black long sleeves tshirt, super cute cropped blazer over top as a jacket, long beaded necklace, black heeled boots and these jeans. I wanted to step off that plane in this new place feeling like a million bucks. “Hey check that girl out! She must be from Toronto!” No one said that, just the voices in my head.

When it comes to thrifting, you cannot read the labels – you cannot read the tags for sizes. Read the tags for price and that’s it, that’s all. Every store creates their size chart differently and has done an excellent job of infuriating women for the past century. What it comes down to is – you are not one exact size though some people will claim they are a “true” size whatever… I disagree. I can wear a small, medium and large.

I have purchased many items based on beauty not size. I don’t let size or the scale run my life as so many women do. If my pants are starting to get snug on my thighs, I need to lose a few pounds not buy a bigger size. Sometimes bigger is better! Two women are at the same store buying the same top in the same size. These women are quite obviously very different sizes, one is about 120 lbs and the other about 160 lbs. Puzzled? Some people are more comfortable in tight fitting clothing than others. Take me for instance, I would walk into Urban Planet and buy a large – heck even an extra large! The sales girl would ask if she can get me a smaller size…

Size is about comfort. You know what you’re happy wearing – its good to listen to those that will give you their honest opinion, whether its too big or too small… In the end it is you that has to be comfortable so if you think the dress is too small, odds are very good that it is. Heaven forbid you turn into my biggest pet peeve and buy it anyway – hang it in the closet waiting for that magical day when you are that size. Too many brides do this and end up wasting thousands of dollars… told ya so!

In regards to today’s Daily Dig, the top I’m wearing is too big. If I take the belt off, I could easily be 6 months pregnant and no one would know. It is warm, the fabric is great quality and you cannot beat the comfort. For an XXI top I’d say that’s a deal. The detail is what sold me on it – a lovely soft ruffle along the collar line. I tighten up the look with an adjustable woven belt in a fleshtone colour so it blends in. As always, my signature leather jacket and nude flats to keep with the warm pastels.

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