Valentine’s Bunting Banner

Hearts Galore!

Its that romantic time of year again where the stores are full of pink and red; candies and chocolates; not to mention oversized teddy bears! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we’ve got decorating on the brain! 

Decorating and gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive it can be lots of fun when you thrift unique items and create something new! Putting thought and care into making gifts rather than buying just makes them that much more special!

Upcycling second hand goods not only helps to save the environment, its also a creative way to celebrate the holidays.

Greeting Card Bunting Banner

Garland and bunting banners have been increasingly popular for decorating over the years. What I like most about them is how easy they are to make! 

If you have popped into Talize lately you may have noticed the wall of what I like to call “Goodie Bags” in the housewares section. These are mixed bags of odds and ends, sometimes tea lights, kitchen utensils, art supplies – you name it! I have found some of the most amazing things tucked away in these little bags. 

I was thinking about the amount of greeting cards I have accumulated from these mixed bags because they are so much more affordable than spending $5 a card retail. This way I can get a variety pack for less than $5!


  • Clothes pins
  • Greeting cards, felt, fabric or card stock
  • Scissors
  • Twine or string
  • Glue

This example uses a combination of greeting cards, felt and scrap fabric to create a variety of heart designs. If you choose to use fabric or felt you will need to use an adhesive to mount it to a thicker card stock (greeting card, cardboard or bristol board) otherwise your hearts will fall over.

The Process

Now the fun part cutting out all the hearts for your bunting banner! Drawing hearts can be tricky so I recommend creating a template for yourself or taking advantage of the fold in the greeting card – this ensures that both sides will match. 

If you don’t want to see the logo from the card backing, you can use these pieces as a stencil for cutting out felt, fabric or even wrapping paper to mask it.

If you have a space in mind for your bunting banner measure the length, keeping in mind the banner will hang lower once the hearts are added. Once you have decided on the most appropriate length you can cut the excess and tie bows in the ends which will help for hanging later.

Lay out the twine to figure out how many hearts you will require. You can make it as busy or spacious as your little heart desires! Place your hearts along the twine and fasten with clothes pins. 

What is great about using greeting cards is that one side is typically plain white and the other side is a colour or pattern. If you want a more muted banner you can use the solid white side, you can even write little notes for your Valentine! 


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