Too Big? No Problem!

Black & Yellow Floral Romper

This adorable number is the Tie Front Romper by JustFab. I snatched it up at Talize during their two day 50% off pink and purple tag sale. It was brand new with the tags still attached but an XXL. I was drawn to it instantly and knew there had to be a way to make it work. To my delight there wasn’t much involved to make it fit, instead of tying on the one side – I was able to wrap it around my body and tie on the opposite side, therefore tightening up the fabric. The shoulders are quite big but a little hem got rid of the bulk and a safety pin holds the front together. 

Satin Chartreuse Dress

Another gem from the half price sale I just had to have despite it being a plus size. Looking at it on the hanger it was just endless satin fabric, I wasn’t sure how it would look but for the price I was willing to experiment! Fortunately when I put it on it didn’t look much different than the original model – its rather shapeless but such a beautiful fabric. Just like the romper it needed a little safety pin to hold it closed at the chest which I hid behind a mini reptile print belt. I finished the look with a bold statement ring by Stella & Dot as well as matching reptile print heels. I can honestly say its a new favourite!


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