Transitioning from Summer to Fall

As Canadians we get such a short summer season that it sometimes feels like we blink and its over – back to that awful cold white stuff. Until November we generally flip flop from 26 degrees to 8 degrees, high humidity to frosty mornings…. We just aren’t sure how to dress in spring and fall as the weather is never consistent. You may notice we start adding layers and tossing our coats into the car “just in case”!

I find the easiest way to dress as the mornings are cooler and the afternoons are still warm – leggings and long sleeves are a safe bet. Layering is key for transitional seasons as we don’t want to put those light dresses away just yet but its still too early for knits. Short summer dresses can be worn well into fall when paired with leggings underneath or by adding a cardigan or jacket. Its the perfect time to wear those tunic tops with long flowing sleeves!

If you aren’t into the tunic and legging look its a good time to switch to long sleeve dresses that aren’t wool. You know those dresses that hang there waiting for that perfect day when its not too hot and not too cold? I refer to these as “air conditioned office” dresses – just the right amount of coverage. If you find yourself still on the cold side, nude pantyhose can actually make a big difference in keeping your legs warm.


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