Transitioning into Fall

Fall is my favourite times of the year in regards to temperature, scenery and of course, lots and lots of layers! I have plenty of light jackets that I never seem to be able to wear, except as an inside blazer left open. Its often quite challenging to get dressed in Kingston as the weather is so unpredictable. Our summer was painfully hot this year to the point where you would like to just stay home and sit naked in your air conditioning. September arrived and with all the hurricanes, we ended up with rain, wind and waves of cold temperatures earlier than usual. Hello global warming!

When I flip my closet over from summer to winter, a lot of items don’t move as I blend them into other more seasonally appropriate looks. I typically wear a sleeveless blouse underneath a blazer, or wear a lighter summer look with a heavier jacket… at least until the snow hits the ground! I picked up this printed blouse a few months ago and had not figure out a way to wear it until quite recently. It was just one of those creative mornings when I thought, wait a minute: cool beige skirt + blouse + green blazer = a whole new fall look!

I have been working out and following a low carb diet (not so much a diet as a lifestyle change) so slowly the inches are starting to come off. Clothing overall is fitting better and my confidence is increasing each day. The downside to weight loss however is not fitting into your “larger” clothing, such as these beautiful denim inspired dress pants by Banana Republic. I loved the look I created with a print scarf, warm brown blazer and booties – unfortunately I won’t be wearing these pants again as I felt frumpy with how loose they were throughout the day.

I have heard the label Lularoe many times in the past year from American Instagrammers I follow. I often don’t see the brands that they gush over until one day I had this mustard yellow in my cart and realized it was Lularoe! Now I see first hand what the fuss was all about – its the most comfy dress for both home and work! I donated a lot of scarves I was no longer in love with at the end of last season so this year I have been hunting for new printed scarves like this one. The mustard yellow pops up in the most unique places!

Most women wear kimonos in the summer, but I wear them more in transitional seasons as they are a little extra coverage while still being very light. I picked up two similar blush pink floral ones at Talize and The Revolving Door that go so well with my khakis. There’s something so refreshing about colour on top and bottom than always resorting to black or jeans on the bottom. I can easily dress up these looks with heels and jewellery for a look suitable for the office.

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