Blanket Scarf Poncho

My favourite article of clothing for fall and winter has always been ponchos. They’re so easy to wear and can jazz up any basic outfit… in addition to keeping you warm! One morning while getting ready for work I found myself frustrated once again with my blanket scarves. While I love the idea of them, they are often just too bulky, a bit overwhelming and sometimes claustrophobic. Suddenly it occurred to me that I could easily transform my blanket scarves into ponchos for a far more versatile look. 

Check out my basic steps below for how to transform your own scarves into ponchos!

Step 1 - Measure

Measure your blanket scarf and find the centre point. I like to place a pin across so I can clearly see where the neck position will be. The white line you can pencil in for future cutting. 

Step 2 - Sew

The yellow lines signify where you need to sew – stitch tightly all the way around the future opening. Sew before you cut as the threads may begin to unravel before you are ready.

Step 3 - Cut & Sew

Cut that centre line for your opening. I like to do a finishing stitch around the entire edge by folding it under and stitching a second time over top to hold the rough edge tucked underneath.

The Inspiration

The idea for this simple DIY came from this poncho as its one of my fall and winter staple pieces, I felt like I could use it as an example for altering my many blanket scarves that are not being worn. 

The neckline on this poncho is more of a “V” shape than my straight up and down design but I find it works exactly the same. Tucked into a belt or left open makes it such a versatile piece!


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