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Changing a Party Dress from 2X to 8

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I wasn’t crazy about some of the dresses I was trying for my office Christmas Party, I wanted something wow! So I popped onto Rosegal’s website and stumbled across this beautiful rose gold gown. I learned from previous orders that you need to pay very close attention to the sizing details, then round up!

The largest size this dress was available in is the Asian 2XL which they stated is the equivalent of a US size 10. As you can see from the before images, although it wasn’t a US 2X, it was more like a US 14/16. I really liked the quality, its no different than shopping at the local mall stores – except I didn’t have to leave my home AND I paid a fraction of the retail cost. This sequined beauty was everything I could have hoped for, my most favourite colour, sequins covering every square inch and a stylish fringe bottom. Problem of course was that it wasn’t my size but that’s never stopped me.

I filmed the entire experience of trying it on, testing out my usual tricks of lifting it up in the shoulders – which was okay but it wasn’t flattering at all on my curves. With an hour glass figure like mine, I like to see a touch of knee and fitted on my waist. This dress on its own was just boring and boxy.

I kept playing with the fabric by seeing what darts would look like in the front which has worked in the past on a few dresses. Simply defining the waist gives the entire dress a whole new shape. The fact that this dress was a much bigger size than I needed, my shoulders were too small for the sleeves – but seemed to fall beautifully down as an off-shoulder look. Bonus for me!

Although unintentional, the geometric design of the dress created the perfect point in the front when I gathered the excess fabric over my rib cage. This helped with the illusion that the dress was made this way and not an alteration. Once I was satisfied with the new design I pinned it while wearing the dress, then proceeded to hand stitch it closed leaving the fabric to drape naturally. I was actually very surprised at how easily the whole dress was to alter, a few minutes of stitching and it was a whole new dress.

To be honest I am just in awe of this gown. Buying online can be risky especially when sizes can be all over the map. My philosophy has always been to order bigger and take it in if necessary after the fact. I received compliments on it all evening as its so unique and such a rare sight. I don’t often blend into the crowd and I wear sequin party dresses proudly! I love the look so much I’m planning to wear it on NYE and a Masquerade Ball in the spring!


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